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The Contact form available to be obtained in order to reach this top secret community is difficult to process. Wheatear you are just a simple observer, or you are candidate for the admission inside the society, all the information, including the society’s location, are hidden for you.

In order to secretly communicate between them, the Necronomicon Files members are using and advanced, yet simple, encrypted channel of communications and a special course is needed to be provided in order to master it.

Available information about the members are few and even these, for restricted members only. The only public data is the phone number of their Informational department, responsible to provide answers for the most curious and prepared people, eager to learn the art of the occult processes.

The main differences that can be observed between other special societies and Necronomicon Files is the complex communication method established and agreed between all members and the top secret level of the information exchanged. Not to mention the highly experienced mentors those are able to guide you through the whole initiation process.

All these summed up together confer to this unique and special community a high importance in the life of each member and created a very attractive image into the eyes of the public audience, mostly due to their highly efficient and prospective events performed inside.

As for the human nature, it resides inside each person’s soul, the universal desire of knowledge and common principles, and encouraged by the whole mass media promotion, the eager of climbing higher and higher on the ladder of success is slowly, but certainly, overwhelming the human condition, and expose to the rest of the world the true signification of each individual perception about the meaning of life and all the imprisoned conceptions about it.