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Understanding Dog Food Ingredients

Understanding what goes into your dog’s food is a ‘must-do’ for any dog lovers. When you feed your dog with all different types of dog foods you want to make sure you’ve read the labels and understand what’s in it. There are a lot of things in commercial dog foods that you may not want your dog to be eating. Understanding what to look for is half the battle.

You have your choice of fresh or dry dog foods. Fresh foods you prepare for your dog at home usually have ingredients like fresh-cut chicken pieces, blue-green algae, and cranberry juices.

If you should come across a dog food containing various types of preservatives and your dog develops a sudden case of food allergies, it’s probably one of the unwanted ingredients within that food item. By the same token, understanding about moisture in dog foods helps you to determine which one your dog prefers the most. There are different levels of moisture in different dog foods. Find one your dog really likes.

For a vegetarian dog food diet you’ll find the foods contain things like –

Iron Sulphate
Choline Chloride
Zinc Oxide
Calcium Carbonate
Soy Bean Oil
Beet Pulp
Wheat Middlings

and maybe a few other things. For the non-vegetarian foods you’ll find things like –

Raw Egg

and more. One of the most essential ingredients for the nutrition of dogs is ‘Taurine’. Thiamine is an ingredient added to frozen fish in dog foods. A lot of dog food preparations will contain essential fatty acids, fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamins like A,D,E, and B-complex.

Minerals such as zinc are also a crucial ingredient you want for your dog. It’s good for healthy skin and calcium. The calcium will encourage good bone growth and muscle tone.

The ingredients listed above in this article are what you want to look for in your dog foods. Some of the dog foods containing these ingredients may cost a little more but are well worth it for the health of your dog. If your pet is truly your ‘best friend’ then never skimp on the kind of foods that will keep your friend healthy and happy.

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The Painful Memories That Cause Trauma

Your trauma is like a living monster that lives inside you permanently. It feeds on your painful memories, draining you of your physical, emotional and mental energy. It makes you feel disturbed, vulnerable, terrified, empty and wasted before and after you have an intense trauma session.

This monster is quite powerful and lives inside you all the time. It is able to disrupt your core and you can feel its sharp teeth piercing you like an instrument that can tear you apart. It is especially painful in your heart which becomes the central point of your pain.

These painful memories become imprinted inside you. They represent the scenes of abuse, beating, molestation, brutality, humiliation, rejection, rape and other trauma that you have suffered in your life. Everything is recorded as a mental film in your memory bank. You can play these films again and again in your consciousness and everything appears with clarity. This kind of trauma has big implications for your emotional and mental health.

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Important Tips For Feeding Your Dog

If you are the proud owner of a puppy aged from one week to six weeks, you need to be aware that the little fellow will need to be fed milk up to seven times per day. Your puppy will almost certainly be vocal and let you know when he feels that it’s time for him to be fed.

You can safely reduce the number of times that you feed your puppy once he reaches the age of six to eight weeks old. At this point, you will notice that your puppy will start to eat more solid food, and once he has reached this age, start to mix a little water in his food and give it to him a couple of times per day. However, you should reduce the number of feeding sessions, if your puppy develops diarrhea.

The feeding frequency will probably change yet again once your puppy has reached the age of two months, and you need to be careful and make sure you are keeping an eye on the overall feeding process. As a rule of thumb you should feed your puppy if he is obviously hungry, although different dog breeds have different requirements.

Once your puppy reaches three to six months, he will be teething and because of this, feeding only twice a day is recommended. However, you want to be sure that you avoid any deficiencies in your dog’s diet, and at the same time make sure that he is eating all that he needs to.

Commercially manufactured dog foods for puppies should be on your shopping list once your puppy has reached the age of six months, and up to a year old. Start to give him adult dog food gradually, once he is a year old. You should reduce the amount of times that you feed an older dog, because as your dog ages his movements become more limited and more restricted. You can increase the number of daily feedings if your dog is pregnant, but in this case it is extremely important to make sure you that are only feeding her good quality dog food.

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We’re Called To Live Holy Lives

Holiness is a great concept of living that’s so prevalent all throughout Scripture. It’s a condition that anybody who’s earnestly seeking God must be willing to live by. We’re obligated by God to be holy due to the fact that He’s holy (1 Peter 1:16).

Additionally, holiness is such a critical matter to the extent that without it no one can see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14). Having said that, holiness is also something that Christ’s death has made it possible for us to live by (Hebrews 13:12). However, it’s very important for us to realize that holiness has nothing do with our human ability and will. It’s all about what Christ has already done along with what He’s willing to do within people’s lives through the Holy Spirit.

So, let’s analyze this following Bible verse below:

God has called us to live holy lives, not impure lives (1 Thessalonians 4:7).

Holiness finds itself within the process of sanctification. As you already know that sanctification is a lifelong process that begins shortly after salvation until we die. Besides, it’s a process that anyone who believes in Christ must go through. It’s a process that stands on the pillar of genuine repentance, surrender, and submission to Christ’s authority.

Sanctification is defined as ‘to set apart’ for special use or purpose. It means a state of total separation from ungodliness unto God. The author of that process is the Holy Spirit. He’s the one who has the responsibility to mold us moment by moment and day by day into the likeness of Christ, so that His life can be reflected through us. See what is sanctification.

We come to Christ on the ground of acknowledging that our old ways of life was unacceptable to God; therefore, this must be the reason as to why we should adopt firmly the new life given to us through Christ. Our lifestyles choices must be in accordance with the Word of God. Our whole tendencies must be changed dramatically from pleasing ourselves to pleasing God.

Christ Has Made us Holy Through His Own Blood

The thing that we really need to bear in mind is that Jesus hasn’t saved us only for the sole purpose of granting us eternal life but to give us the unmerited privilege to serve the greatest and the best Master we’ve ever known through holy living. When it comes straight down to how He wants us to live, the decision that we make concerning His finished work will determine if we hold a genuine appreciation to His terrible suffering that He had endured for us on the cross.

We’re all sinners in the sight of God (Romans 6:23), and based on His holiness’ standard there’s absolutely nothing that we could have offered God that would satisfy the terrible cost of sins that Christ paid for us. But, all God sincerely wants from us is our willingness to stop living in the way that brings dishonor to Him that we used to live through the means of offering ourselves fully to Him as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1).

Lastly, accepting God’s call through complete submission to Christ’s authority and lordship is the sole thing that we can do. As mentioned above, living a holy life doesn’t have anything to do with us because we’re not capable of doing that. God knows that, so that’s why He sends us the Holy Spirit who’s famously known as the ‘Helper’ to empower us in order to fulfill what He’s called us for.