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Wheatear you are a Lovecraftian fan or you are just a supporter of the occult practices, the Necronomicon Files Community is the perfect place to be. Special love target practices and all kind of numbers significations can be learned and mastered by attending this extravagant society meeting.

The most interesting facts about the processes that are developed inside the community is that they are restricted to be seen by the malevolent eyes of the public audience. A special ritual is needed to be performed in order to enter their sect and the candidates to this position are chosen based on very well defined principles and specifications.

Spells Complexity


On a second basis, you have no idea about the huge complexity of the performed rituals, never to mention the complexity that stands beside of it, into the moral and cultural values and conceptions.

The hierarchy inside the society is very well defined and it consists in a leader, usually the one with the highest experience, a number of 5-6 mentors that seek to enhance the popularity and population of the group, by performing selection sessions for the most qualified persons, and the society’s adept, who are performing only the minor spells and are into a continuous process of learning and improving their skills.

Forbidden by law and oppressed by the modern conceptions of the cultural and social values, the Necronomicon Files group was forced to act on a secret basis, and in perfect silence. Most people are sure that inside their specific rituals, blood offerings are made to the devil in order to protect their community and to increase his power over the people from all around the globe.

If interested in adhering to these strange, dangerous, yet interesting practices, you should search a little bit more about the qualifications you must pass in order to be accepted and for sure, if you are fulfilling them all, your proposal will not be rejected.


About Us

Witchcrafts and Summoning


When hearing about witchcrafts, you may think about mixing various combinations of frog legs and chicken wings into a big boiling bowl. Well, if this is also your consideration about Necronomicon Files, you are wrong on many levels.

First, all the practices performed inside the society are inherited from the ancestors of the black magic and has been improved and performed during these many years that have passed by. Also, there is no need to tell you that the efficiency of the made spells is proven to be working 100%, percentage reflected even in the reviews of some users that managed somehow to enter inside the community and analyzed their practices.

These practices are always performed under the perfect coverage of the darkness and always into a secured place, where nobody can interrupt the spell. Rumors travel around the world that evil creatures are summoned during a spell and empowers the most loyal and brave young person with wise and extraordinaire knowledge.

Buy YouTube Views: The Wizardry of YouTube Marketing

You’re most likely wondering whether to buy YouTube views or perhaps you just want to understand if it’s the perfect fit for you to use with your videos. Look at this rundown of advantages and disadvantages below to improve your YouTube-views buying process.


The Pros

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Reinforces Social Proof: Buying views can likewise immediately reinforce the social proof of your brand and video. This implies you’ll get to be significantly more respectable and dependable, so individuals are more disposed to watching your videos, believe your assertions, or make a purchase from you.

Improved Marketing Efficiency: No matter by what other methods you market your video; either through YouTube Ads or Facebook, Reddit or Twitter postings, more views will ensure those promotion drives are more successful.

Profit: Considering the greater part of the advantages stated above, buying views can in a roundabout way result in money making from all sides.

The Cons

Disreputable: Buying views is quite dubious regardless of how you see it. Irrespective of whether you buy genuine views or fake views, the fact that it’s all so easy and realizing that you didn’t exert yourself for the achievement makes buying views dishonest and disapproved of by the industry.

Not Targeted: When you purchase views, you usually get viewers that are unconnected or un-targeted viewing your video.

Unusual Results: This isn’t generally the case with higher-quality suppliers yet as a general rule, the views you pick up will look strange. They may all be at the same time or not accompanied by any further likes, dislikes, shares or comments which make the views seem a bit dubious.

No Ad Revenue: If you’re hoping to buy YouTube views to profit off it – reconsider. Purchased views are different from natural views. User engagement with bought views is often near 0%, so you won’t earn a lot and you may even end up getting into the bad books of Google/YouTube.

Tattoo Shop in Pretoria: Complex Rituals and the Changing Opinions of Africans

Underneath the busy Jomo Zuma road in Pretoria district, an unlikely group of businessmen in the tattooing industry are planning to change the way Africans view tattoos while developing improved tattooing customs. As the foremost tattoo shop in Pretoria, Lindon Hastrup‚ a South African who manages Lindhast Tattoos‚ and Jonas Lively‚ a Zimbabwean, are combining their knowledge of tattooing on white and black skin in an effort to deliver expert artwork to those detailing their life experiences on their bodies.

Lively who has for the most part tattooed on dark skin said he frequently covers up “jail tattoos” or leftovers finished with home-made machines.

Pointing to Lively’s sleeve, Hastrup clarifies that tattoos that are too deep cause damage to the skin as well as raised scar tissue. Cutting edge tattoo machines puncture the dermis at a steady depth‚ decreasing the likelihood of a blow-out, a point at which the ink enters too deeply, bleeding out and distorting the lines.

It is possible to tattoo colour on black skin‚ however lighter tones such as pink and yellow won’t appear against a darker pigment.  Due to the influence of toxicologists and biochemists who are at the forefront of developing ink that is safer, brighter, and long-lasting, there is a marked improvement in the quality of tattoo ink.

The expert tattooists said the people of the black community approach every now and again to request tattoos of the African continent‚ flying stars, bible verses‚ names and pictures of relatives, and ID numbers.

Lively said that subsequent to opening his tattoo shop in Pretoria he, in the beginning, had problems tattooing African skin‚ as he couldn’t see the needle piercing the dermis. In the wake of being told he is being controlled by demons‚ Lively said his desire is to change that view as well.

Unlimited Power

The access inside the Necronomicon Files community is restricted and the section process is one of the hardest on the world. Only persons with specific characteristics and high potential level of intelligence are allowed to perform the special ritual in order to join their group.

Initiation Ritual

Rituals are an ancient form of initiating someone into the mysteries and secrets of a certain society. Wheatear you are looking at the ancient civilizations, like Maya or the Egyptian empire, in order to have access at the classified information area or to enter the holy rank of the divinity, a special ritual is needed to be passed.

During it, all your limits are stretched until sufferance and all your weaknesses are tested. If you support the progression of this process, all the results obtain as a consequence of it are worth the effort. You will have thus, access to unlimited knowledge, provided by ancient spirits that have survived since even the creation of the Universe.

Depending on the invoked spirit, based on the weaknesses and characteristics tested upon the main character, physical or mental abilities are being tested. For those with of a poor soul, the consequences of the ritual may have deep quotations, as their boundaries are exceeded and their limits are overflowed.

Unlimited Knowledge

For those who succeed adhering to the Necronomicon Files community, their lives will change forever. The huge amount of information poured into their conscience is truly a life changing action, as for the understanding of the current world order and the rulers of the ancient world.

All these actions are strongly bounded together and their interrelationship can’t be broken by anyone, no matter what. The powerful sources of knowledge available to be consulted represent the historical values of the known information about previous civilizations and imply a vast and strongly consolidated science about the evolution of the cultural and moral humanity values.

Gathered together, the information accessed has the power of changing the world. In order to protect the current stability of the power distributed along the entire planet, strict rules are applied for each member of the community and personal discretion is taken to the limit.

Breaking these rules may result in catastrophic consequences upon the social and community environment of nowadays lives and the person responsible for the leak of information will be painfully punished by the almighty Gods.

Hi! We are Necfiles!

For the most cases, the faith in succeeding this action is the only impediment that stays between the performer and the gaining of the desired result. Nevertheless, on the most powerful witchery actions, the cosmic universe is required to be perfectly aligned and the performer must possess a huge level of knowledge and experience, in order to obtain the result you are looking for.