In order to have a somewhat communication line with the public audience, a special phone number was assigned in order to let people call and ask about their problems. The level and complexity of the information you are able to get is not very high, but at least you may take an idea of what Necronomicon Files is all about.

Also, you must consider that the person you will talk to is a civilian, as you are. You will never be able to talk with a certified member of this community about the events that are happening inside of it, as this is considered to be one of their basic principles: to keep the information classified.

Q: Where is the selection process performed?

A: Hello and thank you for your call. In order to adhere to the Necronomicon Files society you are requested to pass a selection process, in order to see if you have the needed abilities to offer a power-up.

The location and time of the selection process is never established before, as it is not an event scheduled on a regular basis. By submitting your intention form to participate at the selection process, you have provided us your personal phone number.

Through it, the selectors will contact you with about 1-2 hours ahead and will communicate you the location of the test. Please note that you don’t have to worry about the distance that you mighty need to travel, as the selection is such placed as for everyone to have the possibility of reaching at it, in the communicated time frame.

Inquire more information about these actions on www.necfiles.org and for any other issues please contact us again. May Gods be with you!

Q: Are the real performances at the same level with the movie presented ones?

A: Hello and thank for reaching us. The movies created in order to represent and imitate the spells and processes performed inside the Necronomicon Files community are based on a very limited set of information, most of them provided by untrustworthy sources.

The information of these actions is classified, but I can assure you that the real experience is highly exciting and it can’t be compared to anything else in the world. Convince yourself and take part of the selection program, in order to get a chance of becoming a member of this famous society, and you will be able to see, or even perform, with a little bit of luck, a high level spell.

For more information you are encouraged of visiting the web platform www.necfiles.org, or you may reach us again with any further questions. May Gods protect you!