Unlimited Power

//Unlimited Power

The access inside the Necronomicon Files community is restricted and the section process is one of the hardest on the world. Only persons with specific characteristics and high potential level of intelligence are allowed to perform the special ritual in order to join their group.

Initiation Ritual

Rituals are an ancient form of initiating someone into the mysteries and secrets of a certain society. Wheatear you are looking at the ancient civilizations, like Maya or the Egyptian empire, in order to have access at the classified information area or to enter the holy rank of the divinity, a special ritual is needed to be passed.

During it, all your limits are stretched until sufferance and all your weaknesses are tested. If you support the progression of this process, all the results obtain as a consequence of it are worth the effort. You will have thus, access to unlimited knowledge, provided by ancient spirits that have survived since even the creation of the Universe.

Depending on the invoked spirit, based on the weaknesses and characteristics tested upon the main character, physical or mental abilities are being tested. For those with of a poor soul, the consequences of the ritual may have deep quotations, as their boundaries are exceeded and their limits are overflowed.

Unlimited Knowledge

For those who succeed adhering to the Necronomicon Files community, their lives will change forever. The huge amount of information poured into their conscience is truly a life changing action, as for the understanding of the current world order and the rulers of the ancient world.

All these actions are strongly bounded together and their interrelationship can’t be broken by anyone, no matter what. The powerful sources of knowledge available to be consulted represent the historical values of the known information about previous civilizations and imply a vast and strongly consolidated science about the evolution of the cultural and moral humanity values.

Gathered together, the information accessed has the power of changing the world. In order to protect the current stability of the power distributed along the entire planet, strict rules are applied for each member of the community and personal discretion is taken to the limit.

Breaking these rules may result in catastrophic consequences upon the social and community environment of nowadays lives and the person responsible for the leak of information will be painfully punished by the almighty Gods.